What a Difference a PA Makes

As I sit down to write this post I can’t truly believe that we are back. Year 4, genuinely fills me with a sense of excitement to see what 2017 will bring, and a sense of wonder of who will emerge from the London Community. It also gives me a chance to reflect on how we have grown and what the London PA Awards are truly about.

Primarily the awards were designed to reward and recognise the invaluable work that PAs and EAs provide, I know that we have achieved this with over 1000 nominations last year and 30,000 votes, it is a clear indication of the Power of the PA and the desire for the London Community to show their appreciation. What I have since discovered is that we have created so much more.

The PA community have always been known for offering support and guidance to their peers and colleagues but the fundamental question was who supports these individuals?

What resources do PAs have at their fingertips? Who can they trust to supply them with forums, networks, information and guidance, when they have a new challenge or task to undertake. We all know how good it feels to unload to a friend or family about our day to day lives, but do they really understand or they can show empathy for what must be achieved. As the London PA Awards developed from the first selection of champions I have seen friendships, communities and networks being formed through different industries, age groups and positions. These have continued to be maintained and more grow each year. Even today an introduction was created with a young PA looking to grow her network but feeling a bit like Bambi on Ice (We have all been there) A legendary PA, has stepped in and together they are working to guide her through the diverse offers out in the PA and business landscape.

The key aspect is that the London PA Awards are not about one person, it is about a body of people and individuals working together, driving change, mentoring and recognising the needs of the PA community overall. I will always continue to rely on the life blood of the awards, our Champion Ambassadors, Anita Waite and Jessica Moretti who return for their second year along with our new champions. Their role is not as simple as reaching out to their PA community but being able to advise the awards on what we can achieve, what we need to provide, and how we must maintain the standards set by these award-winning individuals.

I look at the PA community with such admiration, respect and this continues to fuel my belief that our role as sponsors, is to empower the community, provide resources for you to learn, network and have a voice.

This year will see the return and introduction of the following:

  • Networking events across London running through March and April
  • Nominations party hosted at the Hippodrome Casino
  • Online Networking Forum due to Launch in March
  • London PA Awards gala dinner
  • Empowering Virtual PA Program – 9 weeks
  • Access to PA Forum Event Days
  • Access to exhibitions and attendance on PA Panels
  • Updates and Interviews with our PA Champions, Sponsors and Ambassador

Our objectives are clear and my only hope is that as a community you will take full advantage of what we offer and engage with our programs, champions and attend the events. But, most importantly take the time to reflect and speak out for who you believe deserves to be nominated for their tireless diligence and commitment.

A simple gesture of appreciation can make all the difference. So, as we close this valentine’s week, take stock and show you love and Nominate Now for the London PA Awards.

#PAPower #Nominate #loveyourpa



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