Kelly Brooks

Kelly Brooks

Category: Philanthropic or Environmental

Company: Cancer Research UK

Five Words to describe Kelly Brooks

Ambitious, Smiley, Caring, Pocket Rocket

Please tell us the key demands of your role?

The best thing about my role is that it's never the same role hour to hour, let alone day to day...variety is the spice of life!

From travelling across the city for a last minute visa, to organising the first pride parade for the charity (and every year since) from getting scientists and our CEO up from their desks and dancing at 11am to disco, to running a marathon. And even looking after the bosses dog whilst he goes on holiday. These aren't demands they're just new challenges which I relish every day!

Why do you believe that you should be shortlisted or, give us an example of when you have demonstrated the abilities attributed to your category?

It's honestly such a shock to be nominated, so to have to tell you why I should be shortlisted feels totally alien! I can say that my job and everything that forms part of it is a pleasure. Everyday I strive to make everyone in work feel the same as I do about where we work, full of excitement and delight. Yes sometimes the hours are long, processes and systems drive you crazy, and some people you could easily throttle! But the feeling I get when we complete something or I've helped to make something work better, made someone's day or helped to fund life saving research, well they far outstrip anything else!

Being a PA is of course being organised and flexible and all of those great things you see you on a role profile, but to me it's so much more's about connecting the dots, understanding the bigger picture but also having a deep knowledge of all the little things that help you get there! But most of all it's about loving people and wanting to make everything and everyday better and brighter for them.

If you had one superpower for your role as a PA, what would it be?

The ability to be in two places at once.