Laura Stapleton

Laura Stapleton

In everything that I do at work, I aim to be the best that I can possibly be. I love working for my team and will always try my hardest to make the impossible possible and do it in a positive manner and with a smile. I don't just want to diary manage my partner and team, but really understand the work that they undertake. I like to go along to meetings, meet the clients and become part of their delivery teams, not just sit in the office on the end of the phone.

I support a Partner and four Directors at PwC. The key demands of the role are managing demanding diaries, coordinating travel arrangements, prioritising and having strong organisational and time management skills. I take ownership of tasks, act on initiative and am approachable. I am proactive, trying to anticipate things in advance of them happening and am solution driven. I am able to upwardly manage my team, building and nurturing relationships with people of all levels and creating a network of people to go to is key in this role. I arrange monthly leadership meetings for sector leaders, arranging the agendas in advance and attending to take actions often outside of working hours.

As well as the traditional PA role, there is always an event to arrange and project manage; whether it be a client conference for 200 people or internal networking event for 50 people. I am also part of a small team to support the wider team within the sector that my Partner and Directors work, reaching out and bringing together over 500 people across all grades and competencies by creating and sending out newsletters, filming and editing video material, arranging informal events such as debates and cross firm networking with our clients.

In February this year I badly injured my knee skiing and had to have surgery to repair it; since then I have struggled to get into London as usual and after some initial time off I have still been keen and able to support my partner and team from home, helping to arrange a big conference for 150 people and do everything that I normally would despite not being present in the office.