Jackie Barry

Jackie Barry

I was very honored to be the first recipient of two Category awards at the 2016 London PA Awards, one for Networking and one for Training & Recruitment. Both categories I hold dear to my heart in encouraging PA’s to grown in their careers. As such I am therefore very fortunate to be able to choose to represent the Networking category as Champion, but will always be on hand to mentor and offer advice to PA’s in whatever capacity.

My strengths are that I am loyal, committed, enthusiastic, creative and resourceful. I take pride in that I am in a job that I enjoy immensely which means that even the most basic or arduous of tasks I will see as a challenge. The measure of success should be seen as a journey and not perceived as a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

With over 23 years experience, the last 15 years working at CEO level, I have experienced every type of personality trait on this life journey. The secret of my survival is to adapt and mold what I know around the person I support.

Networking and mentoring both require many similar qualities. Attaining to accomplish a successful outcome through cooperation and persuasion and not through arrogance or dominance is paramount. Everyone is on a journey of some sort, and whether you are at the start or near the end, never ever forget to offer to share your map, because one day, you might just find it’s you that’s lost your way.