Hannah Jepson

Hannah Jepson

Facebook has been built with strong culture and values, throughout our building there are posters saying “Nothing at Facebook is someone else’s problem” or “Move fast and fix things” these are just a few. With this is mind I saw an opportunity to “fix” and improve our PA community and culture within London.

We have 25 assistants in London who work across a large variety of teams, everything from engineering to front line sales. This team holds a wealth of knowledge. I wanted to be an advocate for this team and decided to work on ways to bring us closer together, utilise our combined knowledge, inject some positivity and recognise the hard work this team does. I organised a monthly London PA team meeting where we could share best practice, get together in one place and build our team community. I also worked to ensure that all new PA’s joining had a buddy and encouraged them to use the London Facebook PA group we have where they could post for help, advice or search for answers previous people had posted.

Organising a day out for all of our London team on Admin professionals day was another great way of building relationships and thanking everyone for their hard work. Working on a speaker series specially designed for PA’s where we have senior Directors taking time out of there busy schedules to come and spend time with us and give advice on a variety of topics, useful for us in building our careers whether that be as a PA or elsewhere.

Other things included offsites and a specific career track mapped out with our learning and development partners that encourages work life balance for PA’s and training they can undertake with their managers to help them to build great relationships, all imperative to the work we do. The main focus was to ensure that the team felt more connected and that they are a valuable part of Facebook, by going above and beyond my day to day to do this I have had amazing feedback that this has helped to strengthen the community and build awareness of how amazing this group of PA’s are, I hope that work is enough to show that I should be shortlisted for what I believe is an important category and cause.