Award Champions

The Key to the success of The London Pa Awards is the involvement of our champions. The Champions and supporters are chosen from the prestigious Line up of previous winners and individuals who have a key interest in networking and developing the PA community.

We have selected a ‘Champion’ for each award. The Champions are there to act as a support and seek out the best PAs in London, known to be the experts in their fields. Working with the past champions, sponsors and judges to find the PAs within the London Community who truly deserves the accolade of London PA of the Year. Making this the ultimate independent awards run for PAs for EAs.

Champion Ambassadors

We are delighted to have Jessica Moretti and Anita Waite return as Champion Ambassadors, who will work with the champions in co-ordinating events, networking opportunities. Their role is fundamental to maintain the development and clarity of the needs of the PA Community. Engaging the sponsor to endeavour to deliver an ever changing resource that grows to meet the requirements, needs and skill set to meet the day to day requirements of the PA and EA community.


Afet Enver

Afet in her own word is principal interface between the core team and the sponsoring partner. Primary ownership for organising the support team on the day and for key logistical negotiations with the venue. My drive, infectious enthusiasm, creative inputs, willingness to take decisions and not least my ability to bring continuity from the previous event and particularly “lessons learned” were all invaluable contributions to the success of the event. Continue reading

Bobi Cooper

It was Bobi’s enthusiasm for her work and relationships with lead to her amazing and supportive team leader putting her forward for the Star of the Future award 2016 to which she won. Following her win she is now a champion for this year’s title and Bobi is honoured to be presenting the London PA award to someone who has shone exceptionally bright in what is an extremely demanding but highly rewarding industry. Continue reading

Carys Stacey

Our Champion of the Communication category is described as Dynamic, Hardworking, Organised & Reliable, supporting two Directors for Moët Hennessy Europe. Continue reading

Charlotte Ahearn

Charlotte’s capabilities and strength are what have got her through her career, to develop, move forward and to be a role model to others where she could. Continue reading

Hannah Jepson

Please be up standing for The London PA of the Year 2016, and Winner of Above and Beyond.
Working and supporting the global marketing team at Facebook my role is to enable my boss and her team to drive forward there business priorities, in order to make the world more open and connected. I am an extension of my boss as well as a representative of our global team. I work to facilitate and prioritise the needs of the person I support as well as building on my own business acumen and being an advocate for the culture and mission our company stands for. Continue reading

Helen Coward

This lady worked as an EA for 22 years and loves what she does and so do we . I have been a Private PA to an Entrepreneur, supported a Senior Vice President and Board member and also worked at PwC for 16 years supporting one of the Partners for 15 of those years. I I have been part of the London PA Awards since the beginning and this will be my second time being a Champion which I am thrilled about. Continue reading

Jackie Barry

Jackie is our first double award winner… Networking Winner and Training and Recruitment Awards. It takes an incredible individual to become the forefront of an organization, but will also go back and teach, help and mentor individuals that you can become the best of both. We salute you Lady Jackie Continue reading

Laura Stapleton

Company = Someone?

How do you put them in to words, they want to know about the client, the team, and always seems to understand the mentality of the external and internal clients. The seem to know understand the running of the organization to make the best happen, when know when can, welcome to the Company Ambassador, our Champion, Laura, The life blood, the one that everyone knows. Continue reading

Leonnie Braker

Working for the NSPCC for eight year Leonnie demonstrates the diversity of the PA role by creating NSPCC’s internal PA Network as a space to encourage and support the team. Leonnie is also co-founder of the Charity PA Network, aiming to help the sector’s PA’s develop their skills, get support from their peers and network with like-minded colleagues. We are delighted to announce that we are not only supporting Leonnie’s efforts but also the NSPCC as out chosen charity for 2017 Continue reading

Lizzie Benett

A small spark can create the biggest changes and that was clear from the first nomination that we had about Miss Benett, with 3 nominations in total with pages of wishes for rewards and recognition for her talent. Character is what she defines as her key attribute and she has buckets of it! Not only a winner but also runner up of the London PA Awards 2016. Continue reading

Paul Marsh

We don’t know many other male PA’s in the Private Equity field, so It would be great to get some recognition for us men out there! It is not about being a man or woman this is about the individual as the award dictates, make a difference to someone’s day and they go home happy, then I’m happy too. Congratulations Paul, we are honoured to have you part of the team. Continue reading

Sabrina Beatan

One Year and she has already won….. is that possible. Of course, she has no room for error, and that is how her peers,colleagues and counterparts feel. She has all possible solutions covered,, welcome to the world of Concierge and Client Entertainment Winner and Champion 2017
Continue reading

Kate Bright

The foundation of London PA Awards was supported by Kate’s expert knowledge for the last 3 years and will continue with her invaluable insight and connections through the CAN Network. We look forward to her up coming networking event promoting The London PA Awards Continue reading

Jessica Moretti

Jessica’s passion and enthusiasm for the London PA Awards over the last 3 years has led her to being a Nominee, Winner and Champion making her the perfect champion of champions – Champion Ambassador. Continue reading

Anita Waite

This first-hand knowledge of the awards process, together with the extreme pride in having colleagues recognise your efforts, really motivated her to take a more active role in the London PA Awards. Continue reading



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